Tip Toe Through The Tulips


Are you one of those fashion gurus that ruined the tips of your expensive shoes by polishing them darker than the rest of the shoe??? Too late, fashion statement over.

Tipped Toe

Several years ago a fashion statement became a Fad. I started noticing the tips of well-dressed and not-so-well-dressed men with light brown or tan/walnut colored shoes with very dark tips. Some darker than others. Were they purchased that way or did they polish them that way? Seems as though you could darken any toes of your expensive or inexpensive shoes darker. Soon, to be in fashion, that is all I saw, from lemmings of fashion to professionals in the clothing business.

So I asked myself, why would anyone want to permanently “damage” a pair or pairs of shoes seemingly forever? The fashion caught on and is still somewhat evident today although not as ubiquitous. I guess for some it is now “their” style.

Unblemished Cap Toe

My good friend and former employer, who I have great respect for his sartorial acumen, has given me his formula for the tip toe process. He represent a prestigious international fabric company and sees fashion before it happens. His technique is this: Black or brown cream(the operative product) slowly rubbed into the toe feathering it out toward the laces. Finish with tan or clear wax(the operative product) for some shine.

There you have it. You could make it your style, but I am never ruining a pair of shoes that are upward of $400. The choice is yours. I know what mine is.


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