Must Haves For Fall

Must Haves for Fall

Harris Tweed

Whether you live north or south, east or west, two items a man must have in his fall wardrobe is a tweed sport coat and a cotton corduroy jacket. These are timeless items that every well dressed man should own. I don’t care if you are an old fogey or a Millennial. Don’t care if you wear them for dress or sport, outerwear or business wear. They are items that will take you anywhere in any situation wherever you happen to be.

They can come from a traditional American manufacturer or an offshore house that models the garment in some traditional way. Tweeds can come from the Outer Hebrides or from Ireland-real tweeds. Others are simply simulating the style. Corduroy, developed in the 1700s, can be of large or wide whale or fine pin-whale. The cottage industry that makes the familiar “Harris Tweeds,” generally has a trademark and are numbered. I have a tweed cap made in Ireland that has the name embroidered in the inside top lining of the person that made the cap.

Wide Whale

I have been scouring the market and can’t nary find corduroy in traditional shops. Brooks, O’Connell’s, JPress, Andover Shop, Cable Car, but Ben Silver has a corduroy jacket. Trousers are still offered on the menu in most stores, but jackets are scarce. If you find them, let me know.

As far as tweeds, you can find them almost anywhere this year. Brooks Brothers has introduced Brooks Tweed. It is a lighter weight tweed looking pretty close to a Harris, but not as hefty if you can’t handle Harris. Some “tweedy” looking jackets are not tweed at all but lambswool with a touch of cashmere. Smart.

So, shop till you drop. Check out the stores. On-line doesn’t do it justice.


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